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We know that leads are important!

We have a partnered with Trade Design an SEO/Web Design company with a proven track record of getting online leads for their clients. This gives our clients the best of both worlds… balance of offline and online lead genration! With almost 20 years of building websites and over 10 years experience ranking them, they know the importance of utilizing both offline and online marketing for true sustainable business growth.

Local Seo

To the right is an example of SEO Trade Design has done.

The company’s name is Westwood Aluminum and the website we created is called

As shown on the images to right (or below on mobile), they dominate the siding keywords in their local area, which the Great Toronto Area (GTA). They are pretty much number one or very close for anything siding service related.

You can do a search yourself and see the results. 

what seo does & doesn't do

Good SEO will get you more traffic to your website

Good SEO will get your product or services keywords to rank higher in the search engines and bring more people to your website. Once they get to your site they can get the information they need to make a decision to contact and buy your goods or services.

The details

Yes you can get more traffic to your website but that traffic can be wasted if you have a site that is not user friendly or does not communicate your product or service properly. A simple, good looking website that communicates will ensure you do not waste the traffic you get.
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People use google to search for a product or service

It is rare in this day and age that a person looking for a service does not go online. Phone books are a thing of the past. With cell phones it is easy just to search a service or product, while having a coffee, find the service or products and call or buy it on online.

The details

There is no doubt that people do search for services and products online, but just because you have a website does not mean that yours will be seen or visited when someone searches for services or products you are selling. In the bigger cities the competition is pretty big depending on the services or products your selling.
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SEO done properly makes your site more user friendly

Doing SEO properly has many factors that are beneficial to you site, a major one is speed. As part of SEO your site will usually be faster and more user friendly. Then there is formatting, or design. Having a well designed website that easy to navigate is good practice when doing SEO.

The detail

The important point here is... good SEO, in other words not "black hat SEO" or trying to trick the search engines will only hurt your site in the long run and is a very short term solution. Proper SEO done cleans up the site makes it more user friendly, easier to read and has important content that will engage the user and make them act.
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